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We can offer bespoke, in-house training to support your company’s individual needs and requirements. We can deliver short, intensive half-day or full-day courses to support your organisational growth. Here are eight reasons to choose MKNCC for your bespoke commercial training.

Multi-site Delivery

Flexibility to allow delivery at a variety of different sites.


We believe in flexible training that is delivered in a style, time and place that works for you.


We provide a hands-on practical approach to delivering content and skills.

Dedicated support

We have experienced trainers from a variety of commercial backgrounds across the UK.


Our training is tailor-made to fit with the specific needs of the businesses we work with.

Adaptable Durations

We are able to offer solutions with flexibility around the duration of all workshops.


We work closely with you through consultation, design, delivery and evaluation.

Highly Interactive

We build short, intensive flexible workshops to support the day to day challenges within any business.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done before:

Performance Coaching

Win your team’s affections and the boss’s respect by finding the right coaching mindset.

Conflict Handling

Learn how to deal with conflict positively by pre-empting the ways in which others react.

Customer Service

Practice a range of techniques that can boost and improve customer service.

Diversity and Inclusion

Build an inclusive environment by identifying and changing behaviours that exclude others.

Change Management

The hardest part of change is the transition period and by managing people’s reactions, learn how to manage these effectively.

Presenting with Confidence

Learn new techniques to present ideas, concepts and services in a compelling way.

Influence and Persuade

Learn the key to effective persuasion by understanding how others react.

Promoting Sales

Boost sales in a competitive, target-driven environment.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Let our subject experts design the perfect training for your needs and audience, with our bespoke professional training packages.

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