About Us

And why we’re the best for you...

Hello, we are MKNCC…
and we make learning fun.

High-quality learning that’s affordable, practical and fits in around your lifestyle – it’s what you’re after, and it’s what MKNCC is all about.


At MKNCC we deliver the best OFQUAL, ITOL and UK-accredited qualifications, through a commitment to:

High-quality teaching

Sourcing teachers who are leading subject-experts and talented at delivering qualifications in a clear, understandable and achievable way.

Accessible education

Using the latest technology and tools to deliver our courses in a way that suits your lifestyle and location.

Academic and career enhancement

Offering a variety of professional qualifications from accredited certificates to bachelor and master degrees.

Life development

Enabling everyone to better their living opportunities and lifestyle with the world-leading education of the UK.

An outstanding experience

Assigning you a dedicated support tutor to help you achieve your goals and enjoy the journey.


Delivering UK-accredited qualifications that are recognised and respected by businesses and achieved through learning that provides real-life skills for real-life application.

We love... learning teaching inspiring

But, everyone at MKNCC has experienced the difficulties in finding courses that offer high-quality qualifications delivered in a practical, affordable and accessible way.

So, we’ve changed things improved things made a difference

We want to make personal development easy and enjoyable and accessible. We want to make qualifications practical and attainable. We want to change adult education for the better.