Governance Framework

Governance Structure and Committees

Milton Keynes New City College operates its programmes of study and awards its degrees, diplomas and certificates in accordance with a Regulatory and Quality Assurance Framework. This framework ensures that students are treated fairly and equitably and that their awards will be recognised as equivalent to other UK university qualifications.

Full details about our Governance Framework can be found here

The Governance Framework contains information, including an overview of the organisational structure, outline of relevant committees and boards, assessment regulations, details of how awards will be classified and rules relating to student conduct. The implementation of this Governance Framework is overseen by the Board of Governors and its sub-committees.

Further details regarding each sub-committee can be found in our Terms of Reference documents.

 Board of Governors Committee

 Senior Management Team Committee

 Complaints and Appeals Committee

 Finance Committee

 Recruitment and Selection Committee

 Assessment and Award Board

 Quality and Standards Committee

 Education Advisory Board