Equality and Diversity

Equality Objectives

Equality and diversity at MKNCC College means that we respect your individual needs and will provide support and encouragement to allow all our students to reach their potential. We will celebrate diversity in everything that we do.

The College’s core drive is to provide a supportive inclusive working and learning environment for all. The College has set its equality objectives which comply with legislative Public-Sector Equality Duties and which provide performance indicators for all college operations. Objectives are to challenge discrimination and disadvantage; raise standards; and advance aspirations of all of our stakeholders. Our objectives are to:

  • Raise the achievement and success levels of different groups of students and work towards eliminating the gap in achievement between students with protected characteristics and those without
  • Ensure all teaching, learning and assessment promotes, advances and celebrates diversity and British Values
  • Recruit, support and develop a diverse staff population which reflects and meets the needs of students and the community the college serves
  • Engage with students and stakeholders to improve student satisfaction for all groups and enhance the student experience
  • Support and enable access to learning for a diverse range of students

You can access our Equality and Diversity Policy here


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Equality and Diversity Policy is set within the context of our Mission and Values, and the priorities set out in the Strategic Plan for 2018/19. This equality policy aligns with these by ensuring everyone in the college works to ensure:

  • People are involved and included in decisions that affect them; everyone is challenged to improve their understanding of those around them and become more accepting; the minds of all are opened to new ideas and different ways of working.
  • We provide teaching, learning and assessment methods, support and resources that meet the individual needs of our learners.
  • We establish and maintain partnerships that add value and promote inclusion.
  • All staff and learners model best practice whilst knowing and developing effective employability skills.
  • We widen participation and increase access to education, training and employment.
  • We offer a responsive curriculum that provides learners with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to live in a global society and work in a competitive global economy including personal and social development and develops skills for life
  • We provide staff development and training to meet the needs of under-represented groups and individuals.
  • We encourage under-represented groups to apply for appointments and promotions.
  • We ensure that all staff attend regular equality and diversity training, as relevant to their job.
  • We provide regular training and development for staff.
  • We are committed to maintaining current good practice and improving to increase the current offer to all those who learn and work here, including visitors and contractors.
  • Learning is an experience requiring a commitment on both sides with expectations that are shared and reviewed.
  • We advance Equality and Diversity within our procedures, policies, practices, plans and activities.
  • We promote good relations between individuals and groups and ensure that bullying, harassment and discrimination are not tolerated under any circumstances.
  • We provide impartial advice and guidance for all applicants, which takes into account any support needs and ensures placement on an appropriate course.
  • We have a recruitment policy that positively supports equality and diversity, with panel members trained in equal opportunities recruitment practice.
  • That job descriptions and person specifications include equality and diversity requirements that are tested through the selection process.
  • That all newly appointed staff receive a corporate and departmental induction within three months of commencing employment.
  • We promote equality and diversity in all College activities, including an annual cycle of themed events and interdepartmental activities.
  • We develop in-house work placement and mentoring opportunities for our learners and graduates.
  • We work towards a staff profile that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • We monitor and evaluate the impact of policies, procedures, practices and plans in relation to equality and diversity through Equality Impact Assessments; and address any equality gaps.
  • That we develop and implement policies, procedures, practices and plans that promote good relations.
  • That all incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination are reported to and monitored by the College’s Safeguarding Network.
  • We celebrate diversity through college events, activities and displays.
  • We create a diverse and inclusive environment that values and celebrates difference, which all our learners feel welcome and empowered to succeed.
  • We monitor participation on the basis of race, gender, disability and age group.