Certificate in Performance Coaching

Certificate in Training and Development

No specific entry requirements

Duration: Full-time: two-day teaching block (including assessment)

Assessment is through a variety of methods.

£1995 +VAT

The Certificate in Coaching is a pragmatic coaching skills course which will provide you with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to enable you to become a successful coach. The Certificate in Performance Coaching is designed for those who wish to achieve a high level of coaching proficiency. We move beyond the traditional behavioural coaching frameworks (e.g. ‘grow’) to explore more detailed approaches to performance coaching. We also explore the dimensions of human behaviour that can prove a sticking point to sustained performance improvement. This coaching skills qualification is recommended for line managers and team leaders who need to develop coaching skills as part of their core people management skills and those with a full-time training, or learning and development role seeking to develop their coaching skills as part of their professional development.

Completion will provide entry into the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning as a full Member.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Plan, prepare and run a series of coaching sessions
  • Use a range of approaches and coaching skills to support coaching clients
  • Apply the GROW model as a planning and coaching session framework
  • Contract for results and enable clients to develop SMART goals and realistic action plans
  • Apply the STAR technique to explore problematic situations
  • Apply the ABC Cognitive Behavioural Approach to help clients identify and move on from self-limiting beliefs
  • Apply effective questioning, active listening, rapport building, challenging and feedback skills to their practice coaching sessions
  • Develop their coaching style based on feedback, supervision and self-reflection


Course Content

This qualification will focus training around the following skills of a performance coach:

  • The skills you need to develop to be an effective performance coach including interpersonal, communication and organisational skills.
  • Powerful communication skills: You’ll be able to use this tool to clarify the specific areas of concern of the person you are helping and enable them to assess the challenges they need to overcome.
  • Coaching models: You will be able to use two powerful coaching models (not ‘grow’) to create success. You will be able to help the individual to identify goals, where they are currently, the range of options for taking action and the specific steps they will take to achieve their goal. These models help to create a commitment to action and identify hindrances. Goal setting models: You will be able to use different goal setting models to ensure an individual can identify their goals in detail pinning down how they will know that they have succeeded, what the goal gives them and why it motivates them, the time frame for achieving it and what makes it difficult such that coaching is needed.
  • Values in Coaching: What we make important and the things that drive us to success often relate directly to the level of performance we
    accomplish. Allowing people to ensure that the work they do works with, rather than against, their values are crucial in achieving lasting performance improvement. You will learn how to find out someone’s core values and how these can be harnessed for success.
  • Feedback in coaching: You will be able to provide the most appropriate feedback to your coach and do so in a way that helps motivation.

There are no specific requirements


Course Delivery



Course Fee

£1995 + VAT

Your fee includes:

  • Registration and certification
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Supplementary learning resources
  • Lunch, tea and coffee on all workshop days;
  • Marking & moderation
  • First-year Membership of the Institute


Full-time: three-day teaching block (plus an assessment day)

12th-15th June; 10th-13th July and 14th-17th August 2018

Please inquire about blended and or distance learning for this course if this is something you’re interested in completing.


The qualification is assessed by internally set and marked assessments subject to external quality assurance. Where indicated in the unit specifications, assessment must meet the requirements of the identified assessment strategy/principles.  All learning outcomes must be met to achieve a pass.