Certificate in Learning and Performance Consultancy

Certificate in Learning and Performance Consultancy

Entry: No Specific requirements

Full-time: three-day teaching block

Assessment is through a variety of methods.

£1995 + VAT

By utilising a range of tools that identify and analyse clients’ needs, learners will develop effective solutions and measure their potential impacts. By the end of the course students will develop and present a business case appropriate for your client.

Completion will provide entry into the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning as a full Member.

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify learning needs at individual, occupational and organisational levels
  • Design thorough training and development programmes to meet knowledge and skill development needs
  • Adapt their training style to different learning styles
  • Prepare and develop appropriate resources to support the learning
  • Create a climate conducive to learning
  • Facilitate learning in groups
  • Deliver training utilising a range of techniques to manage learning within the group
  • Carry out an evaluation on a given piece of training/development
  • Implement training and development programmes efficiently and effectively
  • Cost training requirements
  • Monitor and maintain equal opportunities within the training function
  • Evaluate and develop their own knowledge and skills within training and development.


Course Content

This course provides the framework for you and your team to transition from being a facilitator of learning to a valuable Performance Consultant and covers six core areas

  • Understanding human interaction
  • The consultancy models
  • Tools for problem identification
  • Developing a client solution matrix
  • Strategic implementation planning
  • Presenting a successful business case

There are no specific entry requirements


Course Delivery



Course Fee

£1995 + VAT

Your fee includes:

  • Registration and certification
  • Comprehensive course notes and supplementary learning resources
  • Refreshments
  • Marking & moderation
  • First-year Membership of the Institute


Full-time: two-day teaching block (including assessment)

Please enquire about blended and or distance learning for this course if this is something you’re interested in completing.

The course is assessed through practical engagement, including, facilitation of learning in groups andd a written asssignment. In order to qualify for the award the participant must:

  • Fully attend and complete this course
  • Maintain a reflective learning journal that has been assessed as satisfactory by the lead tutor
  • Demonstrate training skills during the programme that have been assessed as satisfactory by the lead tutor. These will include carrying out a facilitated group learning process involving activities and the giving of feedback; identifying individual learning needs for a given individual and facilitating their learning through demonstration and one-to-one instruction
  • Complete a written assignment relating to the course. The precise nature of the assignment and the criteria for assessment are to be determined by the group with appropriate guidance by the tutor. Initial assessment and feedback will be undertaken by the group, led by the tutor, with final marking by the tutor